There is widespread agreement amongst health professionals throughout the world that sitting for extended periods is potentially unhealthy.


Countless studies and research papers confirm that people who predomiately sit for the bulk of their workday have double the chance of suffering cardiovascular disease compared to those who work with a mixture of sitting, standing and moving.


Further to this, there are the additional problems that prolonged sitting and/or standing can cause in relation to strain on our bodies in areas such as the back, neck and shoulders.  It is, therefore, important to consider the creation of a workstation that encourages movement when sitting or standing in today’s workplace to minimise the potential onset of any health issues.


Height adjustable desks are a positive starting point, but ulimately each worker needs a range of ergonomic accessories to encourage correct ergonomic positioning along with  a chair that supports the body and  encourages movement so as to optimise posture as they move whilst working.  Sitting and moving is key to a healthy work and lifestyle.


Alternating between sitting and standing can help you create an optimum working environment and achieve a balance between sitting and standing as is promoted in ISO9241 Part 5.  “The philosophy of ISO9241.5 is that work organisation; task and workstation design should promote continuous voluntary posture changes to reduce static work and postural fixity.”


We supply a range of ergonomic products that work together to create an Optimum Working Environment that encourages movement in all aspects of your working day albeit while sitting or standing as well as during breaks, in meetings and other tasks performed when working.