Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat

The Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat will save the wear and tear on your carpet.  The Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat allows your chair to move with ease whilst working. 

If using the Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat at a sit stand desk you will find that you reduce the familiar tired back feeling. 

Anti-Fatigue Mat Options:

Carpeted Floors Unavailable

Anti-Fatigue Mat Size:

900x1200 Unavailable
1200x1500 Unavailable

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  • Ideal for carpeted floors
  • Save carpet wear and tear
  • Move with ease at your desk
  • Anchors to keep anti-fatigue mat in place
  • Minimises stress on lower back when moving chair
  • Floor Protective office chair mat
  • Heavy duty construction
    • Ideal for Home Office or Corporate Office environments
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Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat
Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat


  • Standard Sizes:
    •  900x1200 mm
    • 1200x1500mm
  • Thickness: 3mm 
  • Colour: Clear
  • Applications:
    • Workshops
    • Shops
    • Offices
    • Home Offices
    • Any place with a carpeted floor
  • Warranty:  12 months


A grid pattern of anchors across the underside of the Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair mat keeps the chair mat firmly in place on standard home office or commercial carpeting installations.  

All our Anti-Fatigue chair mats are of a heavy-duty construction for long lasting use.  Ideal for any corporate office or home office environment.


Note:  We recommend the Poly Plush Chair Mat for hard floors as the chair does not move when using a footrest and offers some cushioning when standing.

Anatome Clear Vinyl Chair Mat
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