Forearm Supports

The use of a Forearm Support improves posture, reduces fatigue in the arms and hands, lessens strain on the upper back and shoulders and prevents inadvertent wrist extension. 

The Forearm 300 (single) provides support to either the left or right forearms when sitting at a desk computing.

The Forearm 600 (double) provides a balanced support to both the left and right forearms at the same time when sitting at a desk computing.

Support Option:

Forearm 300 Unavailable
Forearm 600 Unavailable

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  • Forearm 300
    • Left or Right forearm and wrist
    • Correctly positions wrist when mousing,
    • Supports weight of arm
    • Clamps to top of desk
    • Padded surface
  • Forearm 600
    • Supports both forearms and wrists
    • Allows for neutral positioning of wrists and arms
    • Correctly positions wrist when mousing
    • Curves around body to provide extended wrist support
    • Reduces wrist extension allowing wrist to remain neutral
    • Supports weight of arm
    • Attaches to top of desk
    • Padded surface
Forearm Support - Double
Forearm Support - Single


  • Forearm 300
    • Length: 280 mm
    • Thickness: 27 mm
    • Width: 180 mm
  • Forearm 600
    • Length:  860 mm
    • Thickness:  27 mm
    • Width:  310 mm


The Forearm 300 is a single padded platform that supports the forearm and correctly positions the wrist for extended mouse use. 

The Forearm 600 provides a comfortable, curved and padded wrist and forearm support for both arms. It helps to reduce shoulder and wrist strain by keeping both wrists and forearms in a neutral position providing pressure free support and allows you to rest your arms.

Forearm Support - Single
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