Ergoapt Dual Combo

The Ergoapt Dual Combo has dual connection modes in one product.  You choose if you want to use the Ergoapt Keyboard and Keypad as either a wired or wireless device.

The sleek & sturdy Ergoapt Dual Combo is made up  is a compact, ergonomic keyboard and number pad with full sized keys, an aluminum case and rechargeable battery and can be positioned to suit individual needs and preferences. Compact keyboards allow for a more relaxed, natural and centered working position which means the user does not over-reach when keying and mousing.

A separate number pad allows the user to move to any position for a more natural and centered working position to avoid over-reaching.

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  • Compact size keyboard & Number Pad Combo
  • Standard full sized keys
  • Aluminum case
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low activation force
  • Low profile
  • 12 hot keys
  • Ergonomic wireless keyboard
  • Pairs perfectly with the Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand
Ergoapt Dual Combo
Ergoapt Dual Combo


  • Keyboard
    • Height: 6-11 mm
    • Width: 285 mm
    • Length: 120 mm
    • Weight: 300 gms
  • Keypad
    • Length: 120mm
    • Width: 85mm
    • Height: 6-11 mm
  • Dual Connection modes in one product – Wired or Bluetooth capability
  • Operating range: <10m
  • Charge time:  2-4 hours approximately
  • Operation per charge:  Approximately 80 hours
  • System compatibility:
    • Windows XP or later
    • Linux
    • Max OS X 10.1 or later
    • (incompatible with some of Mac’s special function keys)


The Ergoapt Dual Combo is a dual connection, ergonomic keyboard and numberpad combo with full sized keys, an aluminum case and rechargeable battery.

The low profile design of the Ergoapt Compact Keyboard and Number Pad which allows for a neutral and natural wrist position helping to reduce fatigue and eliminate wrist, shoulder and neck pain. Featuring scissor switch keys that require a low activation force and deliver a crisp, tactile feel that reduces the effort required to type. 

The Ergoapt Compact Dual Combo also pairs perfectly with the Ergoapt Roam Keyboard Stand

Ergoapt Dual Combo

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