CW2000 Footrest

The CW2000 Ergonomic Footrest is an adjustable footrest by varying the number of spacer blocks to change the height (3 sets supplied).

Footrest Option:

CW2000 Footrest Unavailable
CW2000 with Additional Spacer Blocks Unavailable

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  • Adjustability: Adjustable Height
  • Footrest Options: Spacer Blocks to add height
  • Anti-static carpet covering.
  • Australian made
CW2000 Ergonomic Footrest
CW2000 Ergonomic Footrest


  • Plate size: 460 mm x 310 mm
  • Max. height: Determined by number of spacer blocks added
  • Colour: Grey with charcoal carpet


The CW2000 adjustable ergonomic footrest's unique design which is easily adapted for persons of all heights. Height is adjusted by varying the number of spacer blocks (3 sets supplied). Height of basic unit with one set of blocks is 36 mm at front & 105 mm at rear. Each additional set of blocks adds 17.5 mm to the height. Additional sets of spacer blocks available separately.

CW2000 Ergonomic Footrest

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