The UltraBoard 950 is a compact slim design that comes in a wired or wireless (via Bluetooth) keyboard format.  The UltraBoard Keyboard has been designed to enhance ergonomics and reduce strain during computer use.

By repositioning navigation keys and eliminating the numeric keypad, the compact size of the Ultraboard keyboard now minimises the distance the right hand needs to travel when switching between keyboarding and mousing tasks. This reduction in movement helps prevent shoulder issues caused by repetitive overreaching.

The UltraBoard 950 Bluetooth can be synced up to 5 devices.  If numeric entry is required, the user opt to use the “embedded” numeric keypad.   Alternatively, the matching external UltraBoard Numeric Keypad can be connected and positioned wherever is most convenient.


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Keyboard Option:

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  • Fully featured Compact keyboard
  • Modern sleek design
  • Embedded Numeric Keypad (or optional external NKP)
  • Compatible with PC, Mac OS* and Linux
  • Full Size Alphanumeric Keys with soft touch
  • Concave key caps
  • Soft touch keys
  • One-Touch Hotkeys – 4 hotkeys
  • Muti-Pairing – up to 5 devices
  • Two USB hubs
  • Wired and Wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity


  • Operativing System Compatibility: PC, MacOS* or  Linux
  • Connectivity:   Wired or Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Rechargeable
  • Plug & Play
  • Width: 285 mm
  • Depth: 146 mm
  • Height: 19 mm
  • Cable length: 148 cm
  • Weight: 430 gms


Note:  * For MacOS: Hot Keys and Apple command keys do not work


The UltraBoard keyboard has four practical hotkey buttons which can open a new browser, take a screen shot, jump to your emails and use the integrated numeric keypad.   This fully featured keyboard comes with integrated multi-media keys, to control media and volume.

The UltraBoard 950 is compatible with PC, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. You can even switch between Windows and Mac layouts via a simple keyboard shortcut. Multi-Pairing allows the UltraBoard Bluetooth to connect up to 5 different devices enabling the user to switch effortlessly between their laptop, tablet or smartphones. 

Boasting a light laptop keystroke due to the use of a scissors mechanism instead of the traditional membrane to provide exceptional tactile feedback.

Even though the Ultraboard comes with an integrated numeric keypad we have added the option to have an external numeric keypad which can be connected to one of your computer or keyboard’s USB ports.  The external numeric keypad comes with four hotkeys: mail, print screen, scroll Lock and Pause/Break.


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