The S-Board is a compact keyboard that has soft touch keys that respond easily to the touch when computing.  For those involved with numbers there is also the option of the S-Board Numeric Keypad which has dual modes that allows the user to switch between “numeric keypad” and “calculator”.  This flexibility ensures efficient data entry and computation.

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  • S-Board Keyboard
    • Compact keyboard with low profile
    • Comes with multimedia keys and 2 USB ports (USB hub)
    • Full Sized alphanumeric and navigation Keys
    • 12 Hot Keys that include: Open, Save, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Home, My Favourite, Email
    • Optimal layout (big “enter”-key and user-friendly positioned arrow keys)
    • Only 2 cm thick and lightweight
    • USB connection
    • Soft touch keys with concave key caps
    • Embedded Numeric Keypad 
    • Option:  S-Board Numeric Keypad 
  • S-Board Numeric Keypad
    • Can be used as a hand -held calculator
    • Adjustable extendable USB cable
    • 26 different keys on one number pad, including essential calculator functions like “Clear” and “Memory”
    • LCD Screen Display: displays up to 11 digits which allows to function as a stand-alone calculator with memory capabilities
    • Dual Modes: can switch between “numeric keypad” and “calculator”. Ensures efficient data entry and computation.
    • Direct Data Transfer: “SEND” function enables direct data transfer from calculator display to computer.
    • Protective Sleeve – safeguards keypad/calculator for easy storage/transport
  • Additional Variations:  Numeric Keypad only
  • Please click here to enquire about the various customisations available on this product.

S-Board Numeric Keypad
S-Board Keyboard


  • S-Board Keyboard
    • Width: 305 mm
    • Depth: 165 mm
    • Height: 20 mm
    • Weight: 520 grams
    • Connection:  Wired (via 1.55m USB-A cable)
    • 2 integrated USB charging ports
    • Compatible Operating System: Windows
  • S-Board Numeric Keypad
    • Width: 95 mm
    • Depth: 195 mm
    • Height: 21.5 mm
    • Weight: 145 grams
    • Connection: Wired (via 1.2m USB retractable cable)
    • Dual Function:  Switch between “Numeric Keypad” and “Calculator”.
    • Compatible Operating System: Windows


The benefit of using a compact keyboard like the S-Board, is that it reduces the distance a user has to reach for operating the mouse and allows a more comfortable body posture.   The S-Board Numeric Keypad pairs perfectly with the new and improved S-Board Keyboard for those who do data entry.  The S-Board Keyboard and Numeric Keypad responds easily to the touch

S-Board Keyboard and Numeric Keypad
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