Core OHS Package

The Core OHS Package has been designed to take the fuss out of creating a home office. Just provide our helpful team with the size of your office space and we’ll work out the ideal desk size for you.  

We also provide a Zero Contact Delivery Service ensuring the safety of both your family and our team members. 

Office Chair Package:

No Office Chair Unavailable
Anatome Richmond Unavailable

Desk Package:

Anatome Rise Unavailable
No Desk Unavailable

Laptop Stand Package:

Ergo Q Hybrid Unavailable
No Laptop Stand Unavailable

Mouse Package:

EZ Mouse Unavailable
No Mouse Unavailable

Keyboard Package:

Ergoapt Unavailable
No Keyboard Unavailable

Footrest Package:

Anatome Posture Machine Unavailable
No Footrest Unavailable

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  • Our Core OHS Package features the following products: 
    • Anatome Rise Sit2Stand Desk 
    • Anatome Richmond Ergonomic office chair 
    • Ergo Q Laptop/Tablet Stand
    • Ergoapt Compact Keyboard
    • EZ Ergonomic Mouse 
    • Anatome Posture Machine Footrest
  • Please click here to enquire about the various customisations available on this product.

Core OHS Package
Core OHS Package


  • Anatome Richmond Ergonomic office chair 
    • In Black
    • With or Without Adjustable Arms
    • 3 seat sizes available, Compact, Ergo or XL
  • Anatome Rise Sit2Stand Desk
    • With a White Desktop
    • 3 frame colours available, Black, Silver or White
  • Ergo Q Laptop/Tablet Stand
  • Ergoapt Compact Keyboard
  • EZ Ergonomic Mouse
    • Right or Left Hand
    • Wired or Wireless
  • Anatome Posture Machine Footrest


Now more than ever we realise the importance of being able to work from home. It can be easier than you think… the Core OHS Package allows you to bring your laptop home and have an instant and healthy home workspace. 

Many other alternate products are available to perfectly suit your own space. 

Also now providing a Zero Contact delivery service, please contact us to find out more. 

Core OHS Package
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