We aim to transform educational classrooms into active learning environments with furniture that enables our youth to easily achieve sitting and standing positions so as to maintain mobility and flexibility.

Utilising flexible learning environments enhances and transforms the ability to achieve significant growth and productivity.  

With our combined strengths and approach we can assist you deliver an ErgoSpaceTM that will bring new life and energy to your flexible learning spaces.

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  • Flexibility to incorporate all elements of educational workspaces
  • Spacial design with social elements
  • Creative and collaborative ErgoSpacesTM
  • Change from sitting to standing
  • Wide variety of product choice
  • Promoting good posture
  • Strong and durable


  • A wide variety of product choices
  • Creativing positive learning environments
  • Nurturing educational spaces that are exciting and flexible
  • Strong and durable with flexibility
  • Wide range of colour choices
  • Encouraging collaborative learning environments 



Educational furniture that encourages students and teachers to work in a collaborative way that encourages a diverse and changing atmosphere with an environment that is easy to learn in.  

Our range of educational furniture is not limited to what you see here.

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