Poly Plush Chair Mat

The Anatome Poly Plush chair mat has been designed so that there is no need to move mats when alternating between sitting and standing at your height adjustable sit stand desk.   The Anatome Poly Plush anti-fatigue mat works well on low pile carpet or for hard floors such as Timber, Vinyl, Tiles, Concrete.  The Poly Plush Anti-Fatigue Chair Mat ensures your chair will glide effortlessly across the short tufted and durable low-profile carpeted surface. 

This mat allows the user to still move their chair easily whilst seated without the castors sinking into the mat at all.  The bevelled edging prevents tripping and is a durable non-slip chairmat.

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  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Lightweight with low profile edges 
  • Heavy duty polypropylene plush pile fibre
  • Non-Slip Vinyl back and borders
  • Protects timber and other hard floors
  • Stops cold coming through concrete and vinyl floors
  • Slows mobile chairs on hard floors
  • Allows users to maintain correct ergonomic posture
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Custom sizes available upon request 
  • Please click here to enquire about the various customisations available on this product.

Anatome Poly Plush Chair Mat
Anatome Poly Plush Chair Mat


  • Length: 900 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Height: 7 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years


Featuring a PVC backing and a heard wearing polypropylene plush pile fibre the Anatome Poly Plush Anti-Fatigue Chair Mat reduces back pain, tiredness and feels lovely under foot.  Ideal for any environment. 

The Anatome Poly Plush Anti-Fatigue chair mat is ideal in home offices, corporate offices, warehouse or industrial, retail, healthcare and hospitality environments. 

Where workers work in an environment with hard floors the Anatome Poly Plush  Anti-fatigue mat is the perfect solution with its high level of durability and good traction.  A high performing anti-fatigue mat for users who need to slow mobility of their office chair and/or spend alot of time standing.


Anatome Poly Plush Chair Mat
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