Flo Jaw CPU Holder

Both durable & secure the Flo Jaw CPU holder features a sleek aluminium body that securely clamps and suspends the CPU under the desk with a bracket rail that allows the user to easily slide their CPU/Tower back and forth or swivel . Creating the illusion of the CPU floating under the work surface of any desk the Flo Jaw CPU holder reduces clutter on the desk and protects from dust. 


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  • Durable & Secure
  • Integrates seamlessly with the desk
  • Keeps Towers/CPUs away from potential damage from dust, vacuum cleaners and feet
  • Available in Silver, Black & White
  • Universal Mounting & Rotating Bracket 125 x 114 mm standard
  • 350mm sliding bracket
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Provides easy access to cables
  • Brings Tower/CPU forward for easier access at chair level
  • Other fixing options available
  • Life time warranty
Flo Jaw CPU Holder
Flo Jaw CPU Holder


  • CPU max weight: 25kg
  • Height range: 290-510mm
  • Width range: 90- 240mm
  • Product weight: 1.6kgs 
  • Fixing Options:
    • Universal mounting rotating bracket 125 x 114 mm (comes standard)
    • Universal slide & rotate 350 x 114 mm
    • Universal slide & rotate 520 x 114 mm


The Flo Jaw is a simple space saving solution to remove the CPU from the desk and also off the floor. Creating more space and away from potential damage from dust, feet & vacuum cleaners.

Available as standard with the Slide & Rotate mounting system, contact us to find out more about the 360 rotating mounting system. 

Flo Jaw CPU Holder
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